1. Multi-Purpose Vessels

    ECL’s multi-purpose vessels (MPV) is equipped with a large ramp way to load heavy vehicles with 40-ton tandem hydraulic cranes to handle heavy loads up to 80 tons. Our MPV’s are non-cellular vessels designed nearly for all types of cargo including General, Bulk and / or Heavy cargo. ECL’s MPV is one of the largest freighters sailing in Asian seas and has large hatches measuring 30 meters by 12 meters and deep holds up to 11.9 meters high. Such combined features provides safe transportation to our customers.
  2. Pure Car & Truck Carriers

    The Pure Car & Truck Carriers (PCTC) or Pure Car Carriers (PCC) are used to transport automobiles by ship around the world on a large type of Roll-on/roll-off (RORO). In order to provide world class safe cargo transport service, both ships are designed like a box-like superstructure running, fully enclosing and protecting the cargo. ECL’s PCTC or PCC is equipped with liftable decks and car lifters to handle high height vehicles of any height.